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Fishing Event

Post by Candy on Sat Oct 02, 2010 10:52 am

Have you been itching to spend a few lazy afternoons casting your baited line into the waterways of Erinn? Sometimes it just takes a little motivation to put up the ol’ GONE FISHING sign for the day! Well, here’s the motivation Mabinogians have been looking for: some rare items!

Visit Petra’s boat or the shores of Port Ceann, equip a normal fishing pole and some bait purchased from any general store merchant in Erinn, and cast your line into the oceanic waters. During this special event, you have a chance to reel in items such as Cat Paw Bell Club, Dustin Silver Knight Sword, Ivory Sword, Chic Suit, and Jagged Mini Skirt.

If you want even rarer items, visit the Mabinogi Cash Shop! There, you can pick up a special Tackle Box that contains a special event fishing pole as well as 100 event fishing bait. You may restock event fishing bait as well from the Cash Shop. If you want to vastly improve your chances of getting items over fish and quest scrolls, pick up a Fishing Booster potion as well! A fishing booster potion will increase your auto-catch rate by 50% as well as reducing your chances to catch fish and quest scrolls. By using these items, you have the chance to fish up Elementary School Uniforms, Chinese Dragon Boots, Penguin Robe, Sea Bream Robe, and Shark Robe!

The event will run from September 29 to October 12.

Good Luck!
I post too friggin' much
I post too friggin' much

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