Elen no pantsu (Elen's panties)

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Elen no pantsu (Elen's panties)

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 01, 2009 3:08 pm

/Artistically Photgraphed by Isajii/

Elen: Mmm? Is there something you would like to say to me?
Me: Yes. Pink panties.

Moments later, Edern noticed. Not a single soul in Bangor escaped the slaughter. There were bodies strewn everywhere - some flopped between the water buckets in the mill, others hung limply from lightposts, a pair of legs stuck out from one of the furnaces... the other half of the victim unseen.

Poor Nao spent well over two game days reviving everyone.

Azza : xD...... oh my
Satsuki : ROFL!! xD


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