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Get Ready for Event Season! Empty Get Ready for Event Season!

Post by ftwinz on Tue Sep 25, 2012 2:19 pm

Winz's Note: Hai :3 I'm not back yet, but this old headline caught my attention. +5 AP potions from spinning a wheel each day? Sure, why not? :3 Excuse the lack of editing, tho; I'm not quite that enthusiastically back to updates just yet either.

I can't help but wonder how lively the game is atm seeing how this event feels rather... desperate?

Get Ready for Event Season! 00FG6-1badfc84-a303-4ea1-b6f8-bf2e7c2ff214

The official, html-pretty announcement can be found here.

Roulette Bingo

September 19 - October 3, 2012

Gather some Coins and play Roulette Bingo! You could spin your way to a Metal Dye Ampoule, Beam Sword, and your very own Warp Imp Whistle!

Talk to Caravan Joe to start the event.
You’ll get 1 Roulette Bingo Coin every 30 minutes, and you can get more by killing monsters.
You can request a new Roulette Bingo Board from Caravan Joe every day.
Use your coins to spin the wheel and stamp numbers on your board.
You’ll get one AP Potion +5 and one Warp Imp Coupon once each day for spinning the wheel.
Stamp all the numbers in a row, column, or diagonal, and that’s Bingo!
Turn in your winning board for a Roulette Bingo Gift Box which contains 1 of many great prizes!
Take 10 Warp Imp Coupons to Caravan Joe for your very own Warp Imp Whistle!
Event Warp Imp has different features than the normal Warp Imp.

Blessed Rain Event

September 19 - October 16, 2012

Collect Blessed Cloud Crystals and turn them in to the Rain Messenger to receive Blessing Rain Gift Boxes, and even claim your very own Umbrella! If everyone works together, the Rain Messengers will call upon the Blessed Rain to shower everyone with EXP every 5 minutes!

Turn 30 Blessed Cloud Crystals in to the Rain Messenger to get 1 Blessed Rain Gift Box a day.
The Rain Messenger can be found in Tir Chonaill, Dunbarton, Emain Macha, Taillteann, and Tara.
If enough Blessing Cloud Crystals are turned in, the Blessed Rain will be summoned.
You can obtain an Umbrella from the Gift Box, or the Jumping in the Rain Character Cards.
Open your Umbrella to the skies during the rain and gain EXP every 5 minutes!

Fishing Event

September 19 - October 16, 2012

Anyone up for a little fishing?! Manus’ Bait is known for attracting things that are a little more exciting than fish!

Talk to Manus in the Healer's House and complete his quest to receive 100 Manus’ Bait.
More bait can be purchased from Walter in Dunbarton.
Use Manus’ Bait to fish, and you’ll catch all sorts of awesome prizes like the Nao Soul Stone, devCat Hat, and much more!

Note: Please check back later for an update on other possible prizes for this Fishing Event.
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