Maid and Butler! (07/06/12)

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Maid and Butler! (07/06/12)

Post by Vintersorg on Sat Jul 07, 2012 1:57 am

Vin's Note: THEY'RE HERE!! No accessories/mounts have been released along with them as far as I can tell, but omg... I need to get NX tomorrow. XD btw I knew they'd be about that price...


Maid & Butler

Everyone loves a companion, especially one that helps out in battle, cooks, and even gives gifts! From Friday, July 6th to Friday, July 27th, meet your match with the new Maid or Butler!

NX 17,900 each.

Your companions’ happiness will depend on how you treat them. Keep them happy by feeding them, paying their salary, and shooting the breeze, and they’ll offer more services and shower you with gifts! It’s your job to keep your partner happy and stress free!

Your Maid or Butler’s hairstyle, eye style, mouth style, hair color, and eye color, physical attributes, and clothing can also be fully customized to create the perfect sidekick! They use the same AI interface as pets, so all your existing AI parameters will work.

Get these faithful companions before they disappear on Friday, July 27th!
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