Chaining Fighter Skills w/ Melee/Alchemy

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Chaining Fighter Skills w/ Melee/Alchemy

Post by ftwinz on Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:30 pm

Though Charging Strike is basically Charge w/ fists, the other Fighter skills allow for a variety of comboing than what maybe most of us are used to before its release.

Also, of particular interest, the tier 1 Fighter skills allow for sufficient stun time to switch weapons and load Smash or Flame Burst. Tier 2's Somersault Kick stuns long enough as well.


I'm almost sad for my r5 Charge skill now...

At r1, Charge's max range is 2000 compared to Charging Strike's 700; however, when would we need that much distance against a mob? Admittedly, it's nice for large maps to close distance, but meleeing in closed rooms generally means monsters aren't too far away from us to really take advantage of that much space. For a general idea of distance in Mabi, click here.

Damage comparisons at r1: Charge 150% (300% for Giants) vs. Charging Strike's 400%, though neither is considering weaponry stats. Cooldown-wise, Charge and Charging Strike are 10 and 20 seconds respectively; though after the video above, 20 seconds doesn't appear to be much of a problem at all when you're comboing w/ a variety of skills.

Play styles are a large factor, undoubtedly; but when looking from a pure-damage standpoint, the Fighter skills may be a suitable secondary skill to consider for meleers who enjoy stringing combos, especially when your style is to not get hit, thus negating the use of added defense and protection from equipping shields.
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Re: Chaining Fighter Skills w/ Melee/Alchemy

Post by Vintersorg on Fri Jun 22, 2012 2:12 am

Thanks Junjun; I cannot brain enough for this right now XDDD but I'll have to come back later when I can process things like this.
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