Pajama Character Cards (04/25/12)

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Pajama Character Cards (04/25/12)

Post by Vintersorg on Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:14 am

Pajama Character Cards: Official Uniform of Pillow Fighters Everywhere! <-- Link

Vin's Note: OMGOMGOMG EEEEEE~ These things are the cutest! I almost wanted the male jimjams for the females, but after finally (this took ages!) getting my fav colours on an alt that I'm not playing, I love the female ones more Very Happy and I made a little vid myself, which I'll post at the end.

Pajama Character Cards: Official Uniform of Pillow Fighters Everywhere!

The threat of pillow warfare looms over Erinn. Now, more than ever, the land needs a bedtime hero—will that be you? The new Pajama Character Cards have everything the up-and-coming pillow warrior needs to make the feathers fly, and they’re on sale for a limited time, from April 25 to May 16.

These PJs will set you apart on the pillow battlefield. Your enemies will marvel at your majestic comfort, and the adorable animal print will be the last thing they see before you send them into cushion oblivion.

The Pajama Character Card also arms you with a fancy paw-print pillow to really show that you mean business. So suit up and prepare for battle—and remember, on the field of battle, sweet dreams are forever!

Vin's Note: Here it is... yes I was laggy (TT_TT) and I forgot to show what it looks like when you get up from that posture but it's all cute! Trust me ;D

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