What has Zeza been up to?

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What has Zeza been up to?

Post by Zeza Reignhalt on Wed Jan 18, 2012 10:40 am

Well in mabi I have just been working on potion making.

I've also been training lance charge, axe mastery, and crossbow mastery for the simple reason of gaining more will.

This is in preparation of the martial arts skills because damage with knuckles is based on will.

Other than that I have been playing a new mmorpg called elsword which is similar to dungeon fighter in a way. You can do dungeons as long as you have stamina. It's a fairly new game and you get infinite stamina on weekends.

If you play let me know what times you get on so I can add you. Right now I have a level 24 Raven Over-Taker.


Zeza Reignhalt
I post more than Umbra.
I post more than Umbra.

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Re: What has Zeza been up to?

Post by Edoneh on Wed Jan 18, 2012 11:12 am

I'm getting bored of console games, so I've just been going to school and working out :<

Rock Paper Scissor Ninja
Rock Paper Scissor Ninja

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Re: What has Zeza been up to?

Post by Vintersorg on Thu Jan 19, 2012 3:37 am

I've got no internet (it's been a week now) so I browse with my phone and have been playing Angry Birds as well as other piddly Android games to pass the time that I'd usually spend online.
I also sleep more... and my char in Skyrim is almost lvl 18.
Hopefully Comcast can tell me something when I ring them later today.

Otherwise it's life as usual. /yawn

Edit: Modem get!! And I'm back online, yay for me Very Happy
Is it safe to login to Mabi or is everything still chaotic?

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WOTO. +1

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Re: What has Zeza been up to?

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