Lazy Update (11/24/2011)

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Lazy Update (11/24/2011)

Post by ftwinz on Fri Nov 25, 2011 4:07 am

Winz's Note: My big thing in this update is the Black Friday Sale ending on Tuesday, November 29th. Knowing me, tho, the only things I'd be interested in are:
  • - dye amps (800 NX from 990 NX)
  • - metal dye amps (850 NX from 990 NX)
  • - unrestricted dungeon passes (600 NX)

Not for me, but there's a special deal w/ Nao Soul Stones: buy a bundle of 1, 10 or 30 and you also get 1, 5, or 10 party phoenix feathers FREE w/ those Nao Stones respectively.

Also, there's a buy-2-get-1-free deal for beginner, soldier, exploration, fashion and production gachas.

The official announcements can be found by clicking the banners below.

WOTO. +2
WOTO. +2

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Re: Lazy Update (11/24/2011)

Post by Zeza Reignhalt on Fri Nov 25, 2011 11:29 am

The prices listed are still horrible. People still locked out. Therefore trying to do a black friday sale they just shot themselves in the ass because the majority of people locked out will not spend money on items if they can't use them.

Zeza Reignhalt
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I post more than Umbra.

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