Memorial Pet Sale July 25 - July 31

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Memorial Pet Sale July 25 - July 31

Post by ftwinz on Sat Jul 23, 2011 5:30 pm

Winz's Note: I don't think anyone's really interested? But I'll bump updates of each day's pet anyway~

Day 1 = Panda (July 25-27)
Day 2 = Thunderbird (July 26-28)
Day 3 = Beyaya (July 27-29)
Day 4 = Unicorn (July 28-30)
Day 5 = Flying Star Broom (July 29-31)

Have you missed a limited-sale pet in the past that you wish you could get your hands on nowadays? Now you can rest easy in knowing that FIVE limited-time pets will have a VERY limited re-release during the week of July 25th.

Each day a new limited pet will go on sale. Each of these previously limited pets will be sold for ONLY two days before they go off sale again. The first pet will go on sale early Monday morning and the final pet will go off sale late Sunday evening.

To get you in the mood, we're going to announce the first pet for the pet memorial sale: the Panda! Check back to this post all next week to see the four other pets to make a brief re-emergence!

July 25 - July 27

The second pet up for limited re-sale is the magnificent Thunderbird! That's right, the first flying pet to ever come to Mabinogi will be back for two days only, starting July 26th. If you missed your chance getting a Thunderbird, don't miss your second. Thunderbirds will go off sale on July 28th!

July 26 - July 28

On Wednesday, July 27th, the Beyaya teddy bear goes on limited re-sale! Get this cute little stuffed animal, and show your adversaries that looks can be deceiving. Beyaya teddy bears are just as powerful as other bear pets, and they'll teach monsters to think twice before showing aggression toward their masters!

July 27 - July 29

The Unicorn, Mabinogi's very first limited-sale mount will be returning to the Web Shop for a short time, between July 28 and July 30. Like the Shire and Halflinger, this ivory-colored mystical creature can carry up to two riders on its back. Now is your second chance to grab the Unicorn pet!

July 28 - July 30

The Flying Star Broom are the final pet to be revealed in the Mabinogi Memorial Pet Sale. This snazzy-looking broom will get you need to go in no time! Flying Stars have a respectable speed in the air and move as fast as a Shire horse while on land. Grab your Flying Star Broom between July 29 and July 30!

Magic Star Broom
July 29 - July 31
The official announcement can be found here.

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Re: Memorial Pet Sale July 25 - July 31

Post by Nepythias on Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:09 pm

Aww, a Beyaya! How cute *-*
And I was so sure they wouldn't feature it, since they already featured the Panda...
Oh well~
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