7/20/2011 Game Update Notes

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7/20/2011 Game Update Notes

Post by ftwinz on Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:15 pm

Winz's Note: In this update, we have (clickable):

Game update notes are below:

  • • The Independence Convoy Event will conclude on July 20th.
  • • The Puzzlemaster Event is continuing. The next stage starts on July 20th.
  • • Get lost in Wonderland! Wonderland Character Cards are now available. Dress up like Alice or the Mad Hatter and even get a spiffy title!
  • • Tiger Cubs are here! So cuddly and cute, get yours today in the Web Shop!
  • • Ever want to dye the metal parts of your armor and weapons in the same vibrant colors similar to clothing? Now you can! Get Color Metal Dye Ampoules in the Web Shop!
  • • Port Cobh has now opened itself to outsiders! Make your way to this cozy sea town via Dunbarton.
  • >> • There are Port Cobh part time jobs to help you acquaint yourself with the residents.
  • >> • Try casting your fishing line in Port Cobh! There are new fish to be caught!
  • • Several new hair styles have been added!
  • >> • Male: Mid Length Pullback and Swept Cut
  • >> • Female: Cute Front Braid and Semi natural Bun
  • • New mouths have been added: Confident Mouth and Smiling Mouth (both Human and Elf only)
  • • Several new eyes have been added!
  • >> • Human: Arrogant Eyes and Sleepy Eyes
  • >> • Elf: Mellow Eyes and Naive Eyes
  • >> • Giant: Wild Eyes (female only) and Beastly Eyes (male only)
  • • The world map has been updated with Port Cobh's location.
  • • New cooking recipes have been added! Most of these recipes include the fish caught in Port Cobh.
  • • Making a 5-star dish in cooking is now much more difficult.
  • • Taming a creature is now possible at 100% HP.
  • • Make your own taming bait with Shrimp and Taitinn Carp via the Cooking skill!
  • • Collection Journal tab has been added to the Character Information window. Keep track of the fish you catch, the dishes you eat, and the animals you tame with this tab!
  • • Collection Journal Achievements have been added to the Journal.
  • • Collection Journal Quests have been added.
  • • Completing Collection Journal Quests will reward Life Exploration items (including a fishing rod, cooking knife, and taming cane). These Life Exploration weapons increase in stats as the Collection Journal score goes up. The more points you have in a Collection Journal, the more powerful the weapon!

The official announcement can be found here.
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